Download Dash Legends Multiplayer Race 1.0.67 APK

Download Dash Legends Multiplayer Race 1.0.67 APK

Description of Dash Legends Multiplayer Race

Dash Legends is a realtime multiplayer battlewith tons of weapons and pets. Frequent updates make the gamealways fun and engaging.

**Mobile Game Of The Year 2016 @ Bulgarian Game Awards**

Nominee for:
– Best Game of the year
– Best Visual Style
– Best Soundtrack
– Best World


ONLINE MULTIPLAYER ADVENTURE: Challenge up to 3 of your friends orcompete with players from around the globe! It’s tons of fun!

3 EPIC WORLDS AND HUNDREDS OF MAPS: Amazon jungles, undergroundmummy tombs or burning Viking ships – each presents its ownchallenges to master! Scramble over all obstacles!

12 UNIQUE CHARACTERS: A Mayan priest-doctor, a savage Valkyrie, ora God of the Dead – each hero will render you unique advantage!Rase the competition!

30+ SPECIAL SKILLS AND ARTIFACTS: Wield the superpower of ancientrelics and outfit your hero for the dangers ahead!

PRO LEAGUES: Raise the leaderboards and reach the pinnacle of theLeagues! Your reputation is at stake!

FAVORITE PET SIDEKICKS: A tiger, a Sphinx, a dinosaur, and more!Your favorite pet will carry you to victory and will protectyou!

3 GAME MODES : Global, Friends or Drill.

40+ QUESTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS. Complete adventures and stake yourclaim on epic rewards.

Izel – The shaman of a secretive tribe, Izel is a fierce protectorof his people and Princess Irsa. He relies on nature’s gifts torepel treasure-seeking intruders.

Irsa – Orphaned as a baby, Irsa was found and raised by shamanIzel’s tribe. Seen as a gift from the gods, she was granted theprotection of powerful talismans.

Anubis – Keeper of the dead, Anubis left his underworld realm onthe prowl for two souls that evaded his custody: the undying QueenCleo and the undead priest Imhotep.

Ari – An infamous cat-burglar, Ari often happens to ‘acquire’ mapsand clues for ancient artifacts. She also strongly believes insharing … in your possessions.

Cleo – Queen Cleo coveted eternal youth and had the priests of Raplace her in suspended animation … until the seal of her chamberwas broken by irreverent tomb raiders.

Cro – Cro was caught by surprise by the Ice Age and he spentmillennia in frozen slumber. When the glacial ice finally thawed,he was released into a brand new world.

Dutch – A self-styled ‘professional adventurer’, whose boastsfrequently outpace his achievements. His uncanny rapport withwildlife often helps Dutch save his skin.

Farah – Following a plane crash in the jungle, Farah had to adaptquickly. After years of isolation, she emerged from the wilds ahardened survivalist and a master hunter.

Mike – Equipped with hi-tech gear and a thrill for adventure, thisbillionaire travels the globe in search of ancient treasures to addto his collection.

Imhotep – A one-time rejected suitor of Queen Cleo, this HighPriest swore she’ll be his, in this life or the next. Now that Cleolives again, so does Imhotep’s mummy.

Bryn – A rebellious warrior-maiden of the gods, Bryn was sent toprotect Midgard as punishment. She foils clueless adventurers whowould awaken the forces of Chaos.

Ragnar – A fallen warrior of old, Ragnar was brought back to lifeby Bryn to protect the lost artifacts of Asgard. Not even death canhold this guardian from his duty.

App Information of Dash Legends Multiplayer Race

App Name Dash Legends Multiplayer Race
Package Name
Version 1.0.67
Rating 4.7 ( 702 )
Size 59.1 MB
Requirement Android 4.1 and up
Updated 2017-12-19
Installs 10,000 - 50,000
Category Action, Games

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