Free Download Ball Game 1.0 APK

Free Download Ball Game 1.0 APK

Description of Ball Game

The ball game consists of tossing a ball(anactual ball or any object that you decide to use as theball)around a circle attempting to get your opponents to drop it..Bydropping the ball the player will receive a point. The firstplayerto reach three points loses the game and must do a stunt thatispredetermined before the game.

-Set Up-
– Go to an area where you can all stand around to playwithoutbreaking anything. (Recommended that you play where you areable tothrow it off walls or other objects to increasethedifficulty).
– Find a ball or any object that you can toss around. (Ball,can,piece of trash, anything)
– Use the application to predetermine a stunt. Choose whichspotseach player will determine as their spot. Begin game.

– The throw must be catchable.
– The player that has a bad throw is given a point.
– Must be above knees and can’t be too fast.
– If the throw is not too fast and the person touches it withtheirhands no matter where it is thrown it is their point.
– Players are able to catch their own throw if needed to avoid abadthrow.
– On throws that are questionable players not involved in thethrowor catch vote to see who gets the point. (Also can be settledin agame of Rock, Paper, Scissors)
– There are no timeouts.
– Only when you are holding the ball may you proceed dootherthings. You are only aloud to throw the ball if you are inyourspot.
– If you are out of your spot when someone else has the balltheymay throw the ball to your spot and give you a point.
– Player must do stunt immediately following the game.
– If players fails to do the stunt or is unable to the do thestunt,then they must complete two other stunts.
– The player that gets a point automatically gets to throw thenextthrow.
– If a player has a bad throw the ball is returned to them tothrowagain.
– If the player drops it, the ball is automatically theirs tothrownext.

Beginning a new game
– After the first game is completed, the player that lost thelastgame gets to choose the spot that they would like tostandin.
– Also the player that lost is the one to begin the next game.

App Information of Ball Game

App Name Ball Game
Package Name
Version 1.0
Rating 3.0 ( 2 )
Size 1.3 MB
Requirement Android 4.1 and up
Updated 2015-02-10
Installs 100 - 500

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